Message from Swami Anukoolanandaji, Resident Director


Gurudev said, “Win the Mind; win the world”. Mind alone is the cause for our successes and our failures. To train the mind to reap a heap of successes in our life is real education. A prominent business tycoon once said, “The greatest opportunities lie in the greatest challenges”.

Limitations and obstacles look staggering only for those that are incapable of handling them. For the capable and the empowered, there are no obstacles or limitations to their progress. The greatest inventions, the brightest innovations and the deepest discoveries have happened on the face of seemingly unsumountable obstacles.

With steely determination and exuberant creativity, let us all march forth zealously towards our castle of true success, fulfilling us and benefitting the world around us.



Hari Om!


Swami Anukoolananda