Message from Swami Swaroopanandaji, Chairman


Life can be a stormy affair, full of challenges. But if we choose, our storms can strengthen our character and bring out the greatness in us.

Life constantly presents us with all kinds of challenges. Often, external problems mirror internal disturbances, which in turn are due to our internal limitations. Our capacity to meet them depends largely on the strength or weakness of our inner state. That is why we need to gather strength inwardly: so that we can fulfil our potential and attain success regardless of circumstances.

The values we hold dear, the virtues we choose to cultivate, the positive habits we develop, all benefit us in checking the mental chaos created by negative qualities. Replace vice with virtue. Actively cultivate noble qualities and virtues to secure inner strength and peace of mind.

Across history, people have been inspired by their difficulties to generate new and creative responses, that not only serve as a beacon to others but also become larger than themselves and benefit others even after they, as individuals, are gone.

I wish you all a wonderful year of transcending limitations.

 Hari Om!

At His feet


Swami Swaroopananda