Is the CIRS a co-educational school?

Yes, education is provided to both boys and girls.


What is the total number of students studying at CIRS?

570 students from 23 States in India and 19 other countries.


What is the time-scale for the application process?

Registration is open from May to October. Registration may close in the 3rd week of October subject to number of applications received. The Entrance Exam takes place on the first Sunday of November at many centers in India and abroad. It can also be arranged by prior appointment for overseas candidates. This is followed by an interface within three weeks of the exam and the results are declared within a week thereafter.


What is the teacher:student ratio?

1 : 9


What is the girls:boys ratio?

1 : 2


Is CIRS affiliated to any educational body in India or overseas?

We are affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), Geneva, Switzerland.


Does CIRS provide additional classes/tuition for students who need help with academics?

Yes we do.


Does CIRS have adequate medical facilities for my child?

Yes, we have a full time Resident Medical Officer(RMO) and a Visiting Dentist. RMO is assisted by a male medical assistant and a female nurse. An Orthodontist visit the school monthly and fortnightly respectively. They have been provided with a fully equipped dental clinic. We also have a tie up with a Multi-Specialty Hospital in Coimbatore, which is just 30 km away.


Are students provided with facilities/support for making their travel arrangements for vacations?

Air Travel - Parents book tickets and send them to the school. The school hands over the child to the airline as an unaccompanied minor and receives them on arrival at the airport.

Rail Travel - Tickets are booked by the parents. When grouped, the school provides an escort up to their home.


What is the minimum age for joining CIRS?

A child needs to be 9 years of age to join Class V


Can I take a look around the school before my child takes admission?

A visit is to the school is possible by appointment. CIRS welcomes prospective parents and true seekers of quality education on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10.00 am and 11:00 pm IST.

For a prior appointment - please call 91-422-2613 303 / 91-422-2613 300

Please email admissions@cirschool.org to make an appointment.


What is the average class strength?

Class strength does not exceed 25 pupils.


What are the main achievements of CIRS to date?

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Who looks after the pupils in their boarding houses?

The students are taken care of by one resident house parent who is also a teacher, one full time House Mother and Servent Maids.


For those students whose families live close by, how often can they visit home?

A uniform rule applies for all students regardless of where they live. Outings and visits are allowed on every last Sunday of the month after breakfast and students must return before dinner time. Three-day outings are allowed after Annual day in October and Sports Day in February Click here for further details.


Is Hindi compulsory for students from overseas?

No. There is a special rule for overseas students. In addition to English which is compulsory, every student has to take two more languages up to class VIII and one in class IX - X. Students can choose from Hindi, French and Sanskrit. For class XI CBSE, a second language is not compulsory. For the IB Diploma, a second language is compulsory and the options are Hindi and French.