Dear Parents and Children,

Hari Om!

When we look at a storm, with its unstoppable immense power, we can only wonder at its might and force. Centred around a low pressure ‘eye of the storm’ is a high pressure system of massive cloud and fierce wind, moving with great velocity, having a colossal force and enormous reach.


When one observes this natural phenomena and study the complexity of its nature one can see that, higher the pressure in the eye of the storm, lower the intensity of the winds around it and the calmer the eye of the storm is, the more massive the power it has, in the winds around it.


In the same way, the calmer we are in our mind just like the eye of the storm, the more power we will have to ‘storm to perform’ in the world around us. For our mind to be calm, we must not get excited by the success nor be beaten down by the failure of life. For, these things are part and parcel of our lives. We must continue to look within for inner peace, train the mind to become calm and act to create a massive impact in this world. The eye of the storm, this inner peace, is the goal we need to seek in our lives.

Let us ‘Storm to Perform’.


With all wishes,