Alumni speaks in gratitude

Hari Om Swamiji, 

Hope this email finds you well. An old friend of mine, Ashwath was at CIRS today and he sent us the campus pictures which got me super nostalgic. So I thought it would be nice to update you about my whereabouts and keep you informed in general.

This May, I graduated from SP JAIN School of Global Management, Australia with a Global Bachelors of Business Administration degree. I am currently pursuing my Post graduate Entrepreneurship degree at Lancaster University, UK. It has been approximately 6 years since I physically left CIRS but the values and principles that I learnt in CIRS will stay with me for a lifetime. I am and will always be extremely grateful to the CIRS family for the teachings, mentorship, and for bringing out the best in me. Thank you so much bhaiya, for moulding me as a student, and as a confident and responsible member of the global society. 

I take immense pleasure and pride when I see CIRS excel at various fields. I will try my best to visit CIRS as soon as possible. The 6 years that I spent at CIRS were undoubtedly some of the best years of my life. CIRS will always have a special place at my heart. Kindly extend my gratitude to the rest of the CIRS family as well.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in the future. I would be more than happy to help. 

Best Regards and Lots of Love,
Anuj Saraf, 1111, Class 5 to 10 (2006-2012)

Hari Om Bhaiya,

I hope this reaches you in time. This is the best money I've spent from my stipend.
Its not a lot but I hope it is of some use.

How are you? How is school? How are the morning classes? and aartis?

How's principal ma'am?

She was very kind, the last time I visited the school for alumini meet.

Also, had to share this with you. It feels so weird to be in the working class now. With work, comes so much responsibility. I get overworked every now and then. I can't even imagine pulling through a day without it getting to me.

But the entire CIRS family has done such a fine job in making us who we are today. Thank you so much for standing by us, when we were at our worst, rebellious teenagers.

Lots of love........Prachi Singh

The best five years of my life, where I gained invaluable knowledge, guidance and friendships! - Ankur Pandya (1999-04)

Home away from home - Prarthana Lohia (2008-10)

It was the point of time in my life where I learnt not only what was taught but more about my self and how to handle the world! Love CIRS - Kalansh Gala (2007-11)

Best memories of my life - Swetha Ramji (2004-10)

Cherishing every moment I spent there.... - Darshana Madhavan (2007-10)

Sparked the true myself in me.....another name of learning to live- CIRS!!! - Jeet Mehta (2008-10)

Precious and invaluable memories. - Vineet Vekaria (2006-10)

A wonderful school with a great culture and atmosphere and also the place where I happened to have spent one of the most memorable, fruitful and fulfilling years of my life. - Saurabh Bhanderi (2007-09)

Sometimes, more than the people, you tend to miss the peace and clam of the campus. The simple stroll on the ring-road that calms your nerves down and the positive vibes from everything around you that seems to radiate over and feed into your own self. - Pooja Lakshmanan (2009-11)

"memories in cirs are , a culmination of learning, experiences, joy, and love is a part of childhood spent that can never be lost...." - Vidisha Sarawgi (2006-11)

A memorable journey filled with excitement and experiences to remember for a lifetime! - Raghav Fatehpuria (2008-10)

CIRS holds a special place in my heart for all that it has given me. A line on my memories there is definitely not enough to express my thoughts. :) - Priyadarshini Sivakumar (2009-11)

The most memorable and enriching 2 years of my life - Sai Anurag (2008-10)

CIRS was a place which gave a total transformation in almost all aspects of my character. - G.Sai Prashanth (2007-09)

At the end of every vacation, when it was time to return to CIRS, I felt both sad and happy... sad because i was leaving home... happy because i was returning to my mother... - Hariom Jani (2002-08)

Being a part of the most dominant senior team in Chinmaya history. - Vivak Kumar (1999-02

Best years of my life - Anu MAdhok (2007-09)

The memories are ever green and which bring in so much of joy and happiness - Yogesh M (1996-99)

A place like heaven - Mayank Modi (2005-09)

It was a home away from home ,where i could keep my cultural values close to my heart. - Rukmini Menon (2006-08)

The best memories are the one's which you can't explain... You just had to be there... - Raj Mandalia (2001-08)

I am out of CIRS, but CIRS is not out of me. Swamiji, is the best thing which has happened in my life. - Shruti Kedia (2007-09)

CIRS...hmm...the place where I turned from ordinary to different. - Lokesh Narendra Lohia (2009-11)

One place I would never have wanted to leave behind and stay there forever - Anirudh Rander (2009-11)

Those were thr two most fruitful and successful years of my life - Tanya Kini (2011-12)

A life changing and a unforgetable experience one could gain in life... - Yash Bhartia (2009-11)

The place where I grew up to what I am so the most treasured memories as well as scary memories of my life - Rahul Raj (2008-11)

CIRS is the place where I learnt to DREAM and also to pursue my DREAMS...  - Niket Ghelani  (2003-08)

My days at CIRS were some of the best in my life. I'm indebted to all the people who were there with me- teachers, friends, schoolmates- for making my journey so memorable and enriching!  - Sonam Sujanani (2003-06)

CIRS was the best thing that ever happened to me!  -  Sriram Ananthanarayanan (2008-10)

At CIRS I realized the importance of being  Simple, Stable, Sensitive and Spiritual in life. For me these qualities differentiate people who are really Living from the ones who merely Exist. So CIRS has taught me the right way of living life. Feel blessed to have studied here. - Soham Desai (2001-08)

"CIRS was the brush that empowered me to picturize a blank canvas!"  - Hiren (2011-2013)

I sincerely cannot express how grateful I am to the CIRS institution and staff for their continuous support and guidance. I have no qualms in attributing my success during this year to the CIRS experience and the extent to which CIRS helped me grow as an individual. - Hiren Suraiya