The basic living unit is the Chhatralaya (Students Hostel), managed by the Resident House Master, who is also a faculty member. He/She is always available to students for personal counseling and guidance. Being a co-educational school, separate Chhatralayas exist for boys and girls.

A full time Matron/Warden is also available in each Chhatralaya to look after the welfare and needs of students, who are nurtured and groomed through love, affection, persuasion instead of harsh methods. The individual Chhatralayas are called Mukundalaya (Boys), Govindalaya (Boys), Krishnalaya (Boys), Keshavalaya (Boys), Madhavalaya (Girls), Gopikalaya (Girls) and Radhikalaya (Girls).

The dormitories are spacious, well-ventilated and fly-proof. Common bathrooms for each dormitory are fitted with all modern facilities. Abundant hot and cold water is available for bathing. All dorms have water coolers with Aqua Guard. The beds are comfortable, with Kurlon mattresses and pillows and adequate bed linen. A mosquito net is provided for each bed, and wardrobes for each student. Spacious common rooms are equipped with televisions, music systems, reading materials and a number of indoor games.


Dining Hall

The spacious and fly-proof dining hall caters to all students and staff. Delicious and balanced vegetarian dishes are prepared under strict hygienic conditions. The cuisine consists of Continental, Chinese and all-Indian. Faculty members dine with students and supervise their eating habits and table etiquette. Food is prepared and served by a professional catering service, and the stewards are affectionately called 'Anna' or 'Bhaiya' (Elder Brother) by all.


Health & Medical Care

The school pays special attention to every student's health. The moderate climate, a pollution-free atmosphere, regular exercise and a balanced diet ensure the students' good health throughout the year. This apart, the school also has a full time Resident Medical Officer who is in charge of a well-equipped and modern clinic-cum-dispensary. He is assisted by a male medical assistant and a qualified female nurse. A Dentist and an Orthodontist visit the school monthly and fortnightly respectively. They have been provided with a fully equipped dental clinic.


All students are put through annual medical examinations by specialists. Health cards are prepared and maintained for all students and immunisation programmes are strictly followed. Personal hygiene and health care are taught to the students by a health coordinator. In case of serious illness, the students are transferred to the best city hospitals and parents informed accordingly. Optional Medi-claim and personal accident insurance schemes are also available.


Swimming Pool

A large swimming pool with an automatic water purifying system is a popular spot for the growing, active students. Well trained staff members not only train the students in the finer arts of swimming but are present with them always for their safety.



For the older age groups, a state-of-the-art multipurpose gymnasium and fitness centre is available in the school to improve their physique, strength and stamina.



CIRS has a sophisticated multi-purpose auditorium to host functions and show movies. The school assembly is held here daily and this hall is decorated by students and staff whenever there is a festival.

Communication Facilities

State-of-the-art communication facilities include telephone, fax, E-mail and the Internet.


Laundry Service

The school has a Laundry Tower where modern high-capacity and automatic washing machines with dryers are used for an efficient laundry service.


Stand-by Power Supply

In order to ensure continuous power supply, there is a standby 320 kV generator on the school campus.

Sports Facilities


Apart from the Swimming pool and Gymnasium, the school has extensive grounds for playing sports. There are Basketball and Tennis courts, and a new Dronacharya cricket field is undergoing completion work.


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