"We believe that the service of the country is the service of the Lord of Lords and Devotion to the People is the devotion to the Supreme Self".

- Extract from the Chinmaya Family Pledge

Their hearts are touched by the joy of giving and they resolve to carry on such service even after they have walked into the wide world of competition. They truly become once for all, useful and dynamic contributors to society.

To inculcate respect for all irrespective of their work status, students of CIRS learn to address the unskilled workers as 'Anna'-s (Elder brothers), 'Akka'-s (elder sisters) or 'Amma'-s (mothers).

SEVA WEEK - 2018

In CIRS, every year, seva week is celebrated with greater enthusiasm and involvement. The seva week was planned in a way that every child in every grade gets an opportunity to participate. The details of the various seva activities are as follows.

Starting with Sishu Vatika, the students of Sishu Vatika put up a beautiful show during the dinner time creating awareness on “No Food Wastage”. It was indeed an eye catchy and effective performance with powerful message.  The students of grade 5 & 6 extended their service by creating and distributing posters and cards creating awareness on various social issues like cyber safety and child labour. Also they made book marks which depicted some thought provoking quotes on the need to enhance Seva.  They were also shown a video on organizations and individuals who had made substantial contribution to the fellow members of the society.  In the end, there was a quiz based on the visuals.

Students of Class 7 were divided into three groups. One group was taken to Chinmaya Garden where in the students helped them by collecting the dry coconut leaves which will be used to make brooms. The second group helped cleaning the school garden. And the third group made posters creating awareness on Water and paper wastage. Those posters were displayed in the classroom and corridor notice boards.

Students of Class 8 contributed in a way by serving in dining hall, helping our sodexo team. Selected students of Grade 8 also helped their juniors in studies. They taught the below average students and helped them prepare for their cyclic test.

CIRS general election is one of the important events at CIRS which was conducted during the seva week. The NCC students of grade 9 came forward and helped the teachers to conduct the CIRS general election smoothly. Also, in this week, at CIRS we also had various competitions such as Chinmaya Cricket Knockout, 5 on 5 Soccer match and Interhouse Basketball Match. Our senior school students extended their seva during all these events. Few students helped in controlling the crowd, few students were in announcement desk and few helped in marking the scores.

The council members of CIRS, along with other senior students took up a small project on “Zero food wastage”, where they created awareness by monitoring, measuring and sharing the food wastage on daily basis. Upon sharing the information, the students were hit by the statists and the next day they made sure they will eat they need.

BAL SEVAK AWARD (2017-2018)

The Chinmaya Bal Sevak Certificate was initiated by the CCMT Education Cell for undertaking services for a minimum of 120 hours in various categories like Seva at Home and in School, Seva for the society, Seva for a Universal Cause, Seva with NGOs, Seva for the challenged etc.

In 2017-2018, 76 children from CIRS rendered their selfless service from 120 to 200 hours in the above categories. They will be acknowledged in a big way by CCMT Education Cell with the prestigious Bal Sevak Certificate.

Chinmaya Bal Sevak Certificate Awardees
Year Number of Students Class
2017-2018, Oct 2018 76 8
2016-2017, Oct 2017 75 8
2015-2016, Oct 2016 67 8
2014-2015, Oct 2015 75 8
2013-2014, Oct 2014 51 8
2011-2013, Oct 2013 25 Mixed Group


I Kovarthana, am very proud that I completed 132 hours of service, which is very small contribution compared to others. I did seva whole heartedly and felt very good within, it was as I was serving the whole world. My only wish is that all the people in society should be treated equally.                                                                                          

Kovarthana K. V. (2017)

When I started the seva project, my parents took the initiative and took me to an old age home. While distributing food, the delight and gratitude which was there on the people there made me proud of my actions. Never forget this proverb, “Serve and Deserve”. Only if you serve you will deserve. I am a proud Bal Seva Sainik!!!!!!

J Sriya (2059)

Seva is Selfless service. This two years of project has changed my whole personality. It has taught me to be more patient, how to react to situations and much more. When we help the needy for once, we feel the need to help more and more people. I did feel the same. Even though this project has ended, I will keep serving others.                                   

S. G. Samyuktha (2086)

For 2 ½ years we were working on a project called Seva and we did it with interest. During this period my experiences have been great. These experiences have changed me completely to what I am today. It all started with me teaching the tiny miny kids and to when I spent my time with old age people who have been living on this earth for years. After seeing the reaction s on their faces while I was serving, made me feel that through them I was serving the full world. I offered seva for a total of 140 hours.

Rithani J. M. (1969)

This was the first time I was serving the society on a larger scale. I cannot describe the amount of joy I felt when I saw a smile on the faces of people whom I was serving. I thank school for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Sudarshan E. (1985)

Doing Seva to the needy is like serving God. By doing Seva to the people in Old Age Home and Deaf & Dumb School, though I was giving the happiness I felt was more than when I get something. By my experience I can say that seva removes the worries in you. Therefor I suggest every one of us should do seva activities.  


Seva is doing selfless service to anybody who is in need. Every one of us knows that there is God in everything, doing service to them is doing service to God. When I was serving people I felt I was on top of the hill. I felt the happiness around. The happiness, the people, it all touched my heart. I loved it. It was a marvellous experience.                                                       

 Dhruvi (2108)

Seva:-  This has been a great opportunity for me to serve the world and myself. I have learnt a lot from this, sharing and serving are two of them. I now try and be happy with what I have. It was a life changing experience.

                                                                                                                   Srithiga (1965), 7th B
My Dream….. My Passion….. Seva…
Hari Om! I am proud to be a seva sainik. The word seva means serving others. I had a wonderful experience while serving the society as well as my parents. I saw the joy they had while I was serving them. Seva is my passion and my dream. I feel the service I have done is not enough and so I promise to carry-on serving.

                                                                                Aaslesha K. A. (1995)

Serving others without thinking of ourselves is Seva. My experience of doing seva was wonderful. When you help someone benefit, you yourself feel good. Being a seva sainik I felt the same. I saw people with more talent and capability than me. Unfortunately they never get a chance to prove themselves. My overall experience taught me how to understand others and care for people around me.                                                                       


It was a memorable experience. I really enjoyed doing all my activities. I will continue doing my service to the society. I loved doing it and now it has become a part of my life. Even now when I look back at my service period I feel for the children who are not as privileged as I am. This seva period has made me realize how gifted I am. I will serve the society throughout my life.

Sree Sahithrra (1954)


Staying in the rigour of the boarding life, students find it difficult reaching out and interacting with the community as well as their near and dear ones. Any boarding school is limited in its access and exposure to everyday life. In order to overcome this deficiency, we utilize the students' winter vacations by designing inspiring and interesting assignments which make them reach out to the community and make a difference. The assignment integrates the application of varied subject knowledge gathered by the child into one creative effort. Each child's feedback and report of the project is collated, evaluated and awarded points by a team of teachers after the vacation.

From 2011 onwards, students have been asked to write essays in their own words (300 - 400) during the winter vacation. The essays could be on any of the five topics from the list given below:

  1. Serve and Deserve.
  2. The great Sevak - Swami Chinmayananda.
  3. Planet in crisis.
  4. Charity vs. Development.
  5. Service above self.
  6. Life of an Inspiring Sevak.
  7. Seva – a style or Life-style.
  8. An Inspiring Seva Organization.
  9. Karma Yoga.
  10. Seva lessons from nature.

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“We believe that the service of the country is the service of the Lord of Lords and Devotion to the People is the devotion to the Supreme Self” - Extract from the Chinmaya Family Pledge